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Leadership Education & Training Consulting
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Human Resources Management Consulting
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Leadership Education
& Training Consulting

  • we Build new leadership techniques and capabilities
  • we Match leadership styles with organizational needs

P.R.I.S. Consulting, LLC. works with management to understand a company’s size, products, services and target markets in an effort to help first determine mission and goals and then evaluate for improvement and tenability.

As the leadership’s roles and responsibilities are framed around the overall company goals, we consult and advise on the structure and make recommendations to improve efficiencies, culture and behavior using both internal and external resources.

Our team of consultants improves your team efficiency, creates cross training without redundancies in responsibility, and develops common goals and objectives to be shared at all company levels of responsibility.

Human Resources
Management Consulting

  • Improve organizational health
  • Reduce turnover rates and Cut managerial cost
  • Inter-organizational project management
  • Improve Productivity
  • Improve Public Trust
  • Re-structuring and Acquisition

Our consulting services focus on improving organizational health to drive a positive impact on productivity, customer service, and workplace organization.

Hiring quality employees for key roles based on strengths, experience and potential growth contributes to a healthier corporate environment.

Public trust is one of a company's greatest assets-- when a company’s reputation is strong in the market it is a foundation for success.

Our team will devise a campaign to maximize social and public branding leading to the strongest and most formative public presence possible.

why Choose Us

At P.R.I.S Consulting,LLC., our approach is one which is developed directly with our clients, face to face, and from the bottom up. We don’t subscribe to the use of surveys for employee feedback; we spend time with employees and managers in small groups and individually.

We insert ourselves, sometimes undercover, into the situations we are asked to fix. We embrace the base issues and nuances of a company to understand their challenges and develop a solution.

Our approach has led to a 100% success rate for our clients.

Internally, they have experienced greater production, better employee attitudes and an overall emotional investment in the company’s healthy growth and success, based on much more than pure profit.

Externally, their solutions have led to increased public trust, stronger market positioning, and industry strength among competitors.

How We Do It

The 2 four 1 to organizational health