Silver Linings With a Green Impact

By Tracy MacDonald
Feb 2021

It’s been almost a year since the global lockdown. We learned how to do business differently, live without a commute, stay away from family and friends, juggle more at home than ever before, and change our backgrounds to more desirable places while on video calls. And while too much screen time may have become a term that relates to adults now as much as children, there are likely some new habits we can take away from this and hopefully some of them relate to more sustainable business practices.

Sustainability is a big concept and while there are guidelines for being sustainable, each organization will treat this differently. As busy people who are trying to get from one day to the next and focus on work and family, it’s easy to forget about the day to day impact our regular habits have on the environment. But when we were forced to make a change, the environment responded. Climate maps showed cleaner air and the details of city skylines were easier to see from the suburbs. More meals were cooked at home and less garbage was produced because we weren’t on the go and living on fast food. Sustainable habits are all about being conscientious about everything we do in an effort to not deplete our natural resources and to act with intention when it comes to production and consumption. We should all be working to contribute to using fewer resources, not more resources, recycling and repurposing wherever possible, and changing small habits that can collectively make a big difference.

We have already pivoted so many times in the past year, but in this new way of working and living, have you learned to be more sustainable by accident? Have you gone digital and used less paper? Has electronic filing and document sharing contributed to faster and more efficient workflows with less printing and mailing? Has dropping a regular commute contributed to less driving and more walking? Which of these habits can be continued to contribute to ongoing sustainability practices? What new habits can come from the adjustments made in the last year? This pandemic has presented us with many challenges, and also opportunities to reinvent how we work and how we live. How will you reinvent your business operations to contribute to a sustainable future for all? How will you share that story with your potential customers and current stakeholders so they can choose to support a business with strong sustainability practices? There are many opportunities here, and we encourage you to reflect on the positive changes made in the last year and embrace the future ones.

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