A Million Dollar Idea for Success in Business: Step-by-Step Detailed Guide for Startups

By Tracy MacDonald
Jul 2018

Ready to learn how to start a business?

In A Million Dollar Idea for Success in Business Andrise Bass, Ph.D., lays out the blueprint you need to take your business startup from idea to incorporation. Each chapter is broken down into simple, actionable chunks, which serves as a guide for new business owners looking to learn the basics. Bass uses her business development and entrepreneurship background to help you cross your dot your I’s and cross your T’s for a better startup.

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In this book, you’ll discover six important areas for building a business: * How to set goals to clarify your business’s mission, vision, and purpose * What you need to do to get your business licensed and the proper channels to pursue * How to financing for your business so you have money for startup * What you need to do to marketing, promote, and advertise your business to your target market * Why the story and imagery behind your branding matters and how to create it * What you need to consider before you leave a job to start your business

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or looking to get more business savvy, A Million Dollar Idea for Success in Business is the perfect desk reference to help you start your business from top to bottom.

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