What makes a company a “Super Company?” Do they even exist? IS it what we would think it is?

In a recently published Fast Company article, author, Stephanie Vozza, notes 5 “Super Skills” people need for jobs of the future. Not surprisingly, they are a Personal Brand, Digital Fluency, A Tribe, Making Sense of Complexity, and Resiliency. At PRISCON, we believe these skills not only apply to people, but to companies as well and they aren’t even in the future, but for now.

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Creativity. Innovation. Problem Solving.

Each of these terms is very familiar to most people in the business world. Creativity is often left to the designers, advertising agencies and marketers. Innovation typically lives with engineers and developers. Problem-solving weaves its way through every department from Human Resources to Sales to Product Development to Customer Service. While the designers and product developers may see themselves as creative, we’re willing to bet that Human Resources, Sales and Customer Service likely don’t. We would wholeheartedly like to disagree and point to Design Thinking.

Gaining in popularity, the buzz-word has led to a myriad of options in online courses and professional training. But if you’re one of those people who sees the word design and runs for the hills because drawing a circle may as well be the equivalent to climbing the Empire State Building without ropes, it’s time to understand what Design Thinking really is an how it applies to business.

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