By Tracy MacDonald
Nov 2016

Running on a treadmill is useful when the weather is cold and you’ve got nowhere else to go. But when it comes to moving a business or project forward, the last place you want to be is on a treadmill- working but not moving. In business, this stagnant movement can happen when there is a desired outcome or goal but with all the activity, there is no change, no momentum, and no results showing progress. Continue reading…

By Jefferson Pierrelouis
Nov 2016

In Business, the need to adapt to growth and change can take us away from the destination we originally intended. Without a mechanism for finding the path back to success, a business can be stifled or even lost. It’s that moment when even if things are bumpy, there is opportunity to succeed.

MISSING THAT OPPORTUNITY can result in long-term and potentially detrimental missed opportunity for success.

OUR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMPASS AND OPERATIONAL FUNCTION are designed to maintain the positive aspects of growth while keeping companies on a path to success driven by a healthy organization.

By Jefferson Pierrelouis

NOT ALL BUSINESS ARE BUILT THE SAME and therefore one leadership style does not fill all companies.

WITH PROPER, EFFECTIVE, APPROPRIATE LEADERSHIP FOR THE BUSINESS MODEL, a company can grow and evolve in a positive environment.

THE RIGHT LEADERSHIP KEEPS YOUR BUSINESS THRIVING and healthy and on a course toward the point of true-north.

By Jefferson Pierrelouis

CHANGE IS NECESSARY, especially when it’s the result of growth.

GIVEN THAT GROWTH RARELY OCCURS IN A CONTROLLED FORMAT, it often requires reorganizing to make room for change. It can also require new components to accommodate the growth.

A COMPANY THAT IS ORGANIZED to create a healthy work environment will drive success and continued growth.

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