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Our team of dedicated leaders, managers and consultants believes in the value of interdisciplinary strength and fortitude. We are humanitarians, motivators, and entrepreneurs who believe in the power of people to successfully grow a business.


Pulling from industry experience, cultural backgrounds, and professional tenure, we provide fresh and innovative ideas to our clients. We offer them a personalized set of tools, which allows them to achieve success and set higher goals.


Our solutions are designed to work with businesses in a manner which allows them to outperform their competition and deliver quantifiable results by starting and ending with a humanistic approach to solving problems.


Traditional methods of doing business change almost daily; our consultants are at the forefront of that exploration and delivery. We focus on improving organizational health to drive a positive impact on productivity, customer service, and workplace organization.

The Value of Human Capital

Why and how to invest in it.

Employee turnover is

The average replacement cost of an employee is between 100 and 125 percent of the employee's annual salary.

PRISCON helps businesses
perform better

PRISCON works with businesses to determine their ROE and ROI and offers solutions to increase both.


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Latest Publications

Difficult Decision

In business, difficult decisions are made every day. They can be at any level, effect a few or many people, require immediate action or a delayed response. In the end, those affected by the result of the difficult decision may be able to understand where it’s coming from, but that doesn’t make the situation any […]

The First Job We Should All Have

There are many twists and turns that a career path takes. Each new responsibility, each new team, each new challenge leads to new skills, new relationships, and fresh opportunities. These experiences, successes, and failures shape who we become professionally and is based on our own unique experiences. What if everyone had to spend a year […]

The Great Walls of Business

The Walls of … Productivity. Creativity. Inspiration. Implementation. Completion. In business, we hit “walls” all the time. Although metaphorical, that doesn’t make them any less frustrating, intimidating, or challenging. Depending on your perspective though, those walls could become inspirational.   The walls are real and need to be dealt with to move from problem to […]