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We believe in the power of people. Ideas, energy, and motivation are at the foundation of growth, innovation, and actions leading to success. Power lives in your strength and fortitude supported by our team’s dedication and guidance.


Our diversity in expertise, industry experience, cultural awareness, and professional tenure provide innovative ideas to our clients. A personalized set of tools allows you to set goals and implement the strategies needed to achieve them.


Working with a purpose to drive performance, our job is to work through your intentions and get you on the path to success. Our humanistic approach to solving problems keeps our clients on track and focused on not just goals but purpose as well.


Success is unique to each organization. Understanding what it means to you, your team, and your future is at the core of our focus and our deliverables. Success doesn’t happen overnight but with the right resources and intentions, the power is your hands to design your future success.

The Value of Human Capital

Why and how to invest in it.

Employee turnover is

The average replacement cost of an employee is between 100 and 125 percent of the employee's annual salary.

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PRISCON works with businesses to determine their ROE and ROI and offers solutions to increase both.


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Raise your hand if you’ve wondered if your pants will fit following weeks, months, or even a year of working remotely or just plain moving around less. Raise your other hand if you’ve been tempted to keep that more casual work wardrobe going even if you’ve returned to an office. Or if you’re tempted to […]


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  “Wait. Let me share my screen.” How many times have you used or heard this phrase? If you’re like most people, the answer is “too many.” While remote working and video calls enabled us to keep our businesses going, redefined business models, or taught us how to do things differently, people are becoming screened-out. […]


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It’s been almost a year since the global lockdown. We learned how to do business differently, live without a commute, stay away from family and friends, juggle more at home than ever before, and change our backgrounds to more desirable places while on video calls. And while too much screen time may have become a […]